Olga David
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Portrait art

- a portrait is a timeless work. No photograph can express so well the personality of the portrayed person, portraits thereby often work vividly on the viewer. Representation forms are a portrait head, half-length portrait, half figure, whole figure and other.

Tip and tricks for good photo presentation and how a portrait is better effective::

With a character portrait may give quietly with special hairstyles, dynamic poses and similar experementieren and the imagination free run. Hand-painted kind of portrait permits a lot of elbowroom.

A personal and außergewönliche representation offers other numerous forms beside the head portrait:

Is it the half-length portrait, from the front or in the profile, at the desk or with an instrument while making music, a 3 quarter picture, a whole body admission - or a picture in the typical working surroundings or leisure surroundings. These pictures need mostly a little preparation and time, however, prove often also more living and more interesting portraits.

On this occasion, it is nice if one grasps a characteristic feature of the model - with a carpenter, e.g., his carpenter's hat to the face. To smile also a certain kind these could be, an often used gesture or - like in the accompanying picture - the honoring regalia.

The right exposure:

The face should be illuminated very at an angle from the front. Because a lateral light is better than to hard light from the front which leads rather to level contours.

Child pictures:

Children are ideal photo objects, and also a painted portrait as a special present finds in parents, grandparents and aunts always thankful buyers. A recommendation for child pictures - the best camera position is the eye level of the child for most poses.

Group photos::

The challenge with group photos consists in the fact that they look not put and tensely - the typical representation in addition is the class picture, the birthday celebration, the wedding or the office outing. To these put up groups is not to be said a lot, one refrains once of the fact that it is difficult to show up all members of a bigger group at the same time with suitable face in the camera.
Hand-painted pictures offer unique possibility to combine several admissions with each other. Thus I become the suitable heads in a picture to unite.

With it, e.g., the head with closed eyes lets itself substitute tailor in one picture by the same head with open eyes from another picture with which, however, Mr. Meyer pulls just the mouth by woman.

Interesting group photos are often dynamic admissions or small personal group in action - possibly with a competition, near Baden, dancing or with common making music.

A variation of group pictures are family pictures. They have a sentimental value which originates only with the years. Unfortunately, family photos often look surely put. Therefore, a little direction is right here - two stiffly persons standing side by side are mostly expressionless, embracing (or arguing) brothers and sisters quite living.