Olga David
Gallery after style::


I am glad to be allowed to greet you in my art studio!

Paintings are everyday, continual beauties and expression of life style. They allow to dip us into a positive or enchanting world. Countless motives and different painting technics speak to a wide public.

Figures also you your area after your personality, imagination or emotion. You can acquire your desirable picture from me, the unique mood gives to the room.

Double portrait in pastel
Picture of the month (Pastel Monochrom of paper)

Here presented works give an overview about the work of the artist of the last years. The pieces of art are in several groups after style under divided::
Nude painting - The act is an inexhaustible spring of the inspiration. The act representation of the human body enables to the artist to express the internal world of the person - emotions, feelings, dreams, fears and hopes. No other motive than the human body is suited so much to reveal these abstractions by the art.

In the abstract - the difference of the picture composition and color composition inspires the artist to paint and experiment with different materials, formats and picturesque forms of expression. By the different styles, feelings and emotions provide the abstract painting a certain atmosphere and personality of the living rooms.

Portrait art - a portrait is a timeless document. No photograph can express so well the personality of the portrayed person, portraits thereby often work vividly on the viewer. Representation forms are a portrait head, half-length portrait, half figure, whole figure and other.

For spatial pieces of art of the artist like object painting on wooden body is an other group of this web page.

This web page offers to the art lovers and prospective customers of the painting, abstract paintings for painting cardboard or canvas with acrylic colors, oil paints or Gouache, as well as also graphic arts and hand drawings with coal, pastel chalk or graphite.