Olga David
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Information all around order

Delivery times::

The delivery times are depending on the manufacture duration which amount to approx. 10-15 working days according to order size and meadow position. (except oil technology).

Besides, I offer to you a 'express service' if it burns: For a surcharge you receive ALL drawings (every format!) also within the shortest time!
Appointments with shorter delivery time than 10 working days (here outgoing after incoming orders) cost: 15 euros of surcharge (per person).

In heavy emergencies also overnight - (however, only if it admits the respective order position).
With oil pictures you appeal to me if it is urgent!
Thus: Even if it burns - still time for a personal present!

Dispatch terms::

I dispatch only against pre-payment. The following packaging-all-inclusive and carriage costs-all-inclusive are charged:

Forwarding expenses Germany (standard):: 9 EUR
Pictures on paper (pencil technology, coal technology and pastel technology) are sent rolled in a stable dispatch shell. For packaging, order winding up and dispatch I raise an expenditure-all-inclusive of 9.00 euros.

Express train dispatch Germany::22 EUR
If requested a delivery in the next working day (contain no legally binding of delivery term arrangement) costs 22.00 euros.

Forwarding expenses the European Union (standard):: 19 EUR
beträg the basic-all-inclusive 19.00 euros.

Other lands on inquiry. I dispatch Worldwide.

For international buyer - I accept PAY PAL!
The customer receives from me a payment requirement by e-mail and carries out the payment on the sure PayPal website.

The following surcharges count to certain product groups:

Picture frames / wedged stretcher and frame order Depending on kind and format the dispatch to the to be followed conditions occurs:

Glass picture frames:: + 2 EUR
Dispatch in general up to a format of 70 x 100 cms possibly. On account of the big packaging expenditure of glass change frame I must calculate per broadcasting special surcharge of 2 euros to the forwarding expenses-all-inclusive.

Wedged stretchers::
with special size as a locking property The wedged stretchers by side dimensions more than 60x100cm are calculated, in addition, than locking property.

The deliveries are carried out as a rule by parcel services UPS. These deliver only weekdays, and leave with absence of the customer news to agree on a renewed delivery.

Damage of the broadcasting
The customer is obliged to check before acceptance of the delivery whether this is intact externally.

Damages in transit must be given a receipt immediately on the takeover document. Otherwise the transportation company performs no damage substitute. Claims because of damages in transit are to be put to the carrier (parcel service, forwarding agency, post) by the receiver.