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They are interested in a portrait or any picture after her presentation?

Then they send me a short non-binding e-mail with the desired format (e.g., 30x40cm), painting technology (e.g., pastel, acrylic etc.) and as well as her personal wishes (e.g., arrangement of the motive, background, details). With pleasure I consult her with the choice.

I answer their message ordinarily in 24 hours.

If all details are cleared, they can give to me an order. In addition I need pictures of the motive in good quality (please in the format '.jpg .jpeg .bmp .png or .psd', expose well and sharply). They send the template to me either by email or by letter post. Originals get back them of course. Discretion is natural.

After I have confirmed the order to them, they transfer at least 20% of the purchase price to my account. With order cancellation the deposit is not refunded. After entrance of the deposit I begin with the time. After completion of her picture I send them a photo by email with the interresult. At that time small corrections can be still carried out after arrangement.

If they are contented with the result, the picture is made ready for sending and the balance of the purchase price becomes due. After credit of the balance, the picture goes to the dispatch.

Without obligations ask for

Here you can ask quite without obligations costs, duration and order possibility for your personal picture.

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