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General Terms & Conditions

All contracts/work orders shall be accepted and performed only in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions.

I. Copyright::

1. The works sketched by artist are worldwide protected by copyright. The unlimited right of use and copyright remain with artist. The acquisition and buying of a picture contain the conditioned / copyright for the acquirer to use the portrait / painting in his announcements, pamphlets, websites and prospectuses (only for private purposes). Publications of the pictures are permitted only with notable naming after §13 UrhG, fee and document copy. Same counts if a copyright portrait / painting is transmitted into three parts to the editorial use and/or for advertising purposes. The customer is not entitled to produce the pictures or by third, to multiplicate or to expel.

2. With motives ordered by the buyer / customer the buyer / customer is responsible for the fact that originator and personality rights are not injured. Should originator or personality rights be injured by the motive given by the customers, the customer takes over all juridical and financial results and the order painter releases from any liability.

3. The artist has the right to use copies of the works / illustrated persons for own purposes. Should the order boar not wish this, the order boar must inform of this the artist.

II. Contract Conclusion

1. The confirmation of order of the painter is necessary for the contract decision.
2. Nebenabreden and changes need the written confirmation of the contractor.

III. Guarantee::

1. The painter takes over no guarantee for minor deviations of the delivered product. Smaller divergences (e.g., colors, format, Malgrungqualität) are allowed. Such divergences do not entitle to the fault rebuke.

2. Objections because of incomplete or wrong delivery or achievements or rebukes for evident defects are prompt to indicate at the latest 7 days after receipt in writing the contractor. If a lack is in spite of careful check only later, is to be indicated of these at the latest 7 days after knowledge acquisition.

3. As a guarantee the customer can require basically only finishing touches; the contractor is entitled to carry out a spare delivery. The customer can require decrease if finishing touch attempts have missed because of the same lack.

4. If the fault rebuke occurs late or are not done by decrease reservations because of known defects, the guarantee claims go out. The same counts if the customer himself carries out changes or complicates to the contractor the statement of the defects.

5. Other claims of the customer, in particular claim to substitute of the damages which have not originated in the object of delivery themselves are excluded, provided that they are not based on coarse carelessness or intention. With coarse carelessness the damage substitute is limited to the damage predictable at the time of the completion of the contract.

IV. Price and payment ::

1. Delivered works remain up to her entire payment in the property of the artist.

2. The payment occurs exclusively only in advance or cash on delivery.

3. Painter's offers are non-binding and subject to change without notice unless otherwise confirmed in writing.

4. All prices are understood to be the price charged for delivery works, with no prompt payment discount or any other such discounts. After the small enterpriser regulation the value added tax is not charged. Additional services (for example, transit costs) and any other costs (for example for transportation or packaging, loading, shipping and customs duties) shall, if no other agreement exists, be borne entirely by the CUSTOMER.

5. Payment is due as follows: 20% deposit is required before work commences, and is not refundable once the production started. A result of the finished portraits / painting will be emailed for your approval. Once approved, the balance within 10 days after completion of the portrait / painting is due. In the works of art is payment in advance or on delivery cash on delivery.

V. Delivery

Scheduled dates by portrait painter Olga David are always non-binding estimates only, unless delivery delays or delivery dates are expressly marked as binding in the order confirmation.

VI. Cancellation instruction / return right::

Provided that you act as a consumer, you can revoke your contract explanation within two weeks without information of reasons in text form (e.g., letter, fax, e-mail) or by return of the product. We transmit this cancellation instruction to you again separately in text form. The term begins during the day after you the product and the cancellation instruction in text form have received. For the protection of the cancellation term the timely sending of the cancellation or the product is enough.

Exclusion of the return right:

From the return / cancellation right impossibly (§312 d paragraph 4 Civil Code) is the goods group such as portraits, order pictures, picture frames and mounts which are made after customer specification or are cut unambiguously on the personal needs or are not suitable on grounds of her state for a return.

The cancellation is to be directed in writing in:

Olga David,
Wieslauterstr. 20
76829 Landau i.d. Pfalz
Fax: 49 (0) 6341 9959629

Cancellation results::

In case of an effective cancellation are the achievements received on both sides zurückzugewähren. Can do to us the product all or part not or only in made worse state zurückgewähren, you must perform to us in this respect if necessary worth substitute. This does not count, if the deterioration of the product exclusively on their check - as you would have been possible to you possibly in the retail shop - or the designated putting into use of the product is to be led back.

Paketversandfähige things are to be sent back on our danger. Not paketversandfähige things are fetched with you. They have to carry the costs of the return if the delivered product of the ordered ones corresponds and if the price of the thing to be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if you have not produced the payment or a by contract agreed hire-purchase with a higher price of the thing at the time of the cancellation yet.

Otherwise the return is free for you. You must fulfil obligations to the allowance of payments within 30 days after sending your cancellation explanation.

End of the cancellation instruction