Olga David
picture frames
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Glass change frames - picture frame - wood frame - aluminum picture frame

Here they find a small choice of the ready frame-range.

Glass change frames for lead / coal and pastel drawings on paper

Empty frames of wood for images on canvas

Aluminum frames for all subscriptions on paper
Picture frames - a small choice in wooden frame, glass frame, aluminum frame or blank frame, exactly properly for her portrait. Dimension-cut mounts.

I offer you mount cardboard dimension-exactly made in preservation quality: Strength approx. 1.4 mm, core, binding agent, surfaces and back wall papers are buffered with min 2% of calcium carbonate, so that the acid freedom of the whole cardboard is guaranteed. pH factor of 8,0-8,5 very good color qualities Very much a high light resistance what a mount is and which assignments it has. Which creative creation possibilities a mount offers, pastel drawings should be framed always with a mount, so that the glass does not lie directly on the color shift.