Olga David
Gallery after style::


Nude painting

- The act is an inexhaustible spring of the inspiration. The act representation of the human body enables to the artist to express the internal world of the person - emotions, feelings, dreams, fears and hopes. No other motive than the human body is suited so much to reveal these abstractions by the art.

Tip and tricks for good photo presentation and how an act is better effective::


Do not forget that absolutely naked body in an act picture often looks less erotic than which, still covers one or other place.

Man should also use the suitable equipment. Utensils how nice hats, noble top gloves, witty clothes, kitschy jewellery, colored cloths, hochhackige shoes or unusual pockets are suitable wonderfully for it.

In the approach of the admissions may not be forgotten to make up itself.

Properly light up::

They should not take photos with the built-in flash of the camera. The hard, direct light is reflected unsightly on the skin, and no sculptural effect is achieved.

Provide, hence, for gentle light, while you hold a bright cloth or a reflector before the flash. The second possibility exists in the at the side falling light what nice contrasts and light shade plays originate from.